In honor of Veterans Day this week, National Able Network Career Coach and U.S. Navy veteran, Michelle Malone offers some of her best advice to fellow veterans on how to easily transition from the military to a civilian career!

1) Have a strategy

Before beginning an important task, it is a good idea to know what is needed to complete it. Most veterans want financial and personal fulfillment in a job, but have not devised a plan to accomplish that. As a result, they end up making their job search more exhausting and frustrating than it needs to be. Create your own personal plan, which could include a checklist of things to help remain focused on your goals. It is important to do your research before diving in to a job search: you may need to do extra work to achieve the career levels you want, so don’t be afraid of taking refresher courses, volunteering or doing on-the-job training, or going back to school. The more you can anticipate the surprises a job search can throw at you, the better.

2) Revise the plan as necessary

Occasionally during their job search veteran job seekers may have to make changes. For example, someone may need money to support their family now, but the career they want is several years away. Don’t worry if you need to change your plans. It may take longer than you would like to see your dreams realized, but you can achieve your career goals!

3) Don’t give up, rely on your support system

Anything worth having is usually hard work. The job search process is not easy but has obvious benefits in the end. I sometimes see veterans give up before they reach their goals. There are a lot of legitimate organizations that want to help veterans find employment. Do not hesitate to reach out to those who can help you gain insight. Throughout my military service I sometimes wanted to give up before I completed my obligation. But I received so much support from my fellow service members, quitting was not an option.

If you or someone you know is a veteran job seeker in need of job search resources, click here to work with one of our Career Coaches, like Michelle, today!