Kat went from mechanic to working as a career coach. Rob worked as a trainer and now helps non-profits raise money. Melton went from pilot to working as a human rights investigator. Kiara managed logistics and today works with at-risk youth.

What do Kat, Rob, Melton and Kiara have in common? Their first jobs were all in the military and each of them worked with Veterans Forward at National Able Network to find their next career!

Every year in November, people pay homage to our veteran community. It’s a great opportunity to say thanks, but it often rings hollow to veterans. Between the parades, the speeches, the “celebrate our veterans” lunches – it sometimes feels like there are 364 days when veterans and their skill sets aren’t appreciated. For veterans job seekers that feeling can get very frustrating.

Veterans Forward was created to help veterans and employers. We help employers better understand the valuable skill sets that military talent brings to their business (Click here to watch our ‘Bring Military to Your Workforce’ video now!). Sometimes that means translating military skills into skills that are palpable to the civilian workforce. Sometimes that means helping employers improve their hiring process to better attract military talent. Often we find ourselves advocating for a qualified veteran who may not have five years of retail experience, but brings leadership, talent, creativity and grit that employer’s value.

Veterans Forward works with veterans to help them identify their unique skill sets and navigate an unfamiliar hiring process. In many cases, veterans straight out of the military will be writing their very first resume and interviewing for the first time. They are often competing with younger job seekers who have a head start in their job search. Our job is to help them catch up. Our team is made up of all veterans who lead our veteran clients through critical steps like identifying their skills, creating an occupational goal, crafting a core message, targeting their job search, using LinkedIn effectively, and acing their next interview!

This November we are launching our e-learning platform, Mission Forward which will enable veterans from all over the world to access our top notch job search training! Join us at our first annual Operation Career Launch fundraiser and launch party on November 18 at the Chicago Cultural Center to get a sneak peak of Mission Forward and meet and network with our qualified veteran clients!