As a Career Coach, most of my time is spent working with clients on their job search, and one of the greatest feelings is when one of our clients takes our advice, runs with it, and is successful in their goal. Veronica Loewy is one of those clients. Veronica was an absolute pleasure to coach. She worked hard in her job search, took our advice, and was constantly adapting her job search to get where she wanted and needed to be.

Veronica, who is a United States Army veteran with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, a Juris Doctor, and more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources, found herself out of work. She spent a couple of months job searching on her own before learning about Veterans Forward at National Able Network after being referred by a friend.

Veronica enrolled with the Veterans Forward program and attended the first ever Job Ready Boot Camp workshop conducted by Veterans Forward staff. She was an active member of the Veterans Job Search Work Team from the time she enrolled, and regularly attended networking events and workshops.

During her time working with Able, Veronica learned some new skills and techniques to be more successful as a job seeker. Only a few months after enrolling, Veronica found herself a full-time career almost entirely on her own! Veronica pushed herself outside of her comfort zone and put her job search skills to the test and succeeded!

Congratulations, Veronica!

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